“ A musical fun feast for the family…Dr Rob has created the best of worlds for the education of children’s dental care. Every child, teacher and parent will have healthy smiles with this great video.” –Don Campbell, Author of “The Mozart Effect for Children and Music, Physician for Times to Come.“

An entertaining, affordable and very useful video that demystifies the dentist experience and yes, makes it fun”. Highly recommended.-Video Librarian 4 stars=excellent. Editors Choice

“ 20th annual Telly Award Finalist- Children’s Video”- A National competition honoring outstanding non-network television commercials and programs and non-broadcast videos and film production.

“ This presentation can be used for a dental unit at school, at home to allay children’s fears about going to the dentist, or in the dentist’s waiting room.” –Multimedia Review

“ I write in praise of your video titled “ A Trip to the Dentist Can be Lots of Fun”. This video is educational, it presents a positive perspective of dentistry, and is entertaining. Children that I know, who have seen the show, are motivated to go brush and take care of their teeth, and also want to go to the dentist. I believe that every child should see the video, every pediatric or general dental office should show it.” -Allen H. Schneiderman, DDS, MPH Associate Professor, NJ Dental School.

“ Thank you very much for your wonderful video, “ A Trip to the Dentist Can be Lots of Fun.” It is an excellent addition to our children’s library, and the department supervisor is delighted to add it to the collection. We are sure that many parents will want to share it with their little ones.” –Anne Meany, Director, Bernards Township Library.

“Just wanted to tell you how wonderful the video, “ A Trip to the Dentist Can be Lots of Fun” is.My staff and I watched the tape during lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it. The consensus was that the video is adorable. We couldn’t help but tap our feet as the songs were played.I am still able to hear this catchy tune in my mind. The production of the video was extremely professional and very colorful. It was fast paced, educational and entertaining at the same time. I expect that Bucky will do for children’sdentistry what Big Bird does for children’s education.” - Laurence Bremmer, DMD, FAGD, PA-Family Dentistry.

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