Fearless Dentistry. Selling price $24.95

Are you one of the millions of adults who avoid dental care? Live in fear no longer!

Use Fearless Dentistry’s proven program to conquer you fears and put a smile into your dental health!

Fearless dentistry is an audio tape program with original music and a compassionate guide to help you conquer your dental fears in 3 easy steps!

Step #1 – Before you visit the Dentist – Relaxation is the key to Fearlesss Dentistry. Learn the specific taechniques at your own pace in the comfort and safety of your home. You have the ability to maximize your confidence and prepare yourself comfortably for your dental visits.

Step #2 During your visit: Your dental companion tape reminds you of the techniques you learned at home. A soothing, guiding voice and beautiful misters been specially created for you.

Step #3 – After Your Visit: Feel good about your dental visit and easily return to your daily routine. Release any remaining tension and promote rapid health and healing.

Created by Dr. Robert A. Wortzel and Dr. Rhonda E. Greenberg, a Dentist and Psychologist who have joined forces to help alleviate one of the most common fears; going to the dentist. This product has successfully helped many patients develop a positive strategy for success and allow them comfortably receive their care.

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